He will work tirelessly on behalf of the children

To whom it may concern;

I have known Rich Lieberman for over 25 years. He’s always been someone I can trust and count on for both my personal and professional life. I needed to travel overseas and needed help with my 3 sons without hesitation Rich stepped in. I have consulted him on professional matters and he has always been straight forward and helpful, even when he didn’t have any monetary gain.

I fully support Rich in running for School Board Lee Hill District. I know Rich has one agenda, to ensure the children of his district have an advocate. He will listen to concerns from his constituents and come up with reasonable solutions. His motivation to run is not for personal gain or notoriety, but rather to work for all the children and their need for a quality education. I am confident he will work tirelessly on behalf of the children and with other members of the board to achieve these goals.

Nickolas C. Arvan DDS