We need a representative that will communicate with all parties involved in educating our children

My Plan to Get Rid of the Agendas

As your next Lee Hill District School Board member, we as a district need to hit the ground running to get rid of the political agendas and get things back to where our representatives all communicate with each other. To do this, I have met with 5 of the current school board members (Kirk Twigg, Baron Braswell, Dawn Shelley, Erin Grampp and Lorita Daniels). Additionally meetings occurred with most of the school division department heads along with various staff at most levels within the system.

The plan once elected is to expand on these meetings. Invitations will be sent to every person who will be on the school board effective January 2022. These meetings will be coffee/lunch type of meetings to find out what common issues we can start working on together. Additionally, the plan is to once again meet with those department heads and other various staff. I plan on going on tours of every facility that children of the Lee Hill District use. Additionally, all of the support facilities that keep our system moving.

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My Name Is Rich Lieberman & I Want To Represent You

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